Monday, March 21, 2011

Things that are cracking me up...

Life has taken a turn for the funny. In all actuality, I always try to find something to laugh about. Here is what is currently cracking me up in the Brantley House/Life:
1. Wheel of Fortune: we feed Fisher at 7:00 every night. When it is time to feed him, all of us watch Wheel of Fortune too (I do recognize that this fact may be both lame and funny in itself). When it starts to come on, Harrison says, "I want to see what color she wears." Obviously he is talking about Vanna White, who he calls (Nana White). When the contestants guess the letter "H," Harrison says, "hey, they guessed my name." And then when one of us knows the answer to the puzzle and says it aloud, Harrison repeats it. Then when the actual contestant solves it, Harrison says, "Hey, I got it right."
2. The Don Holt Bridge: Harrison is really into asking the names of roads that we drive regularly. Around thanksgiving, we told him while on the way to Charleston that the name of the bridge we were on is called "The Don Holt Bridge." So, now, on the way to Charleston he asks about the Don Holt Bridge. Just yesterday, while we were in Georgetown, he asked and after I said no, he replied, "Mom, I just kidding. This isn't the Don Holt Bridge. This is Georgetown."
3. The Whoopee Cushion: Uncle Matt gave Harrison a whoopee cushion for his birthday. The jury is still out on who laughs the hardest, every time.
4. Older Folks Opinions on Babies: I've noticed that there is a generation that has strong opinions about babies. The one that makes me laugh the most is that babies are always cold. I can't count the number of times that people (familiar and strangers) say to me, "don't you think he is cold," or "get that baby covered up." The idea that a baby might be cold draws comments out of the wood works. I don't get mad. It just makes me laugh. Especially as it is 60 plus degrees outside and he is in an infant seat, with only his face showing.
5. Doing It Like Daddy Does: So, as we were setting up for Harrison's party on Saturday, Harrison declared that he needed to go potty and he was going to go in the grass. I didn't argue as that was much easier. And then he said, "I want to do it like Daddy Does." I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I looked over and he hadn't dropped his underwear like normal. Harrison just barely pulled "it" out of his underwear without having to drop his drawers. I nearly peed my pants. It did seem more discreet except that Harrison had the biggest smile on his face.
6. Here Fishy Fishy: Yep, that is what Harrison says to Fisher on a regular basis. Or "Wake-Up Fishy Fishy!"
7. Nothing is a secret: Harrison is the ultimate repeater right now. Last week, Harrison asked for some of my diet coke. I obviously said no as I never let him have diet coke. Then he said, "Puff said I could have just a swallow." Again, made me laugh, because that sounds just like my mom since she normally announces her "last swallow" before throwing it away or "quick swallow" before getting out of the car. And on that note, Harrison decided to call my mom "Puffy" while she was here. Too funny!
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Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Oh, there are so many things to say about that post. Harrison really likes to find out what color Vanna White is wearing, doesn't he? Love the "Fishy, Fishy." Can't wait to see them again.