Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 Month Summary

Five Months Out...I don't even know what to think about that. Here is a summary:
1. Started on solids (see picture) and I forgot exactly how frusturating this is for all parties involved. However, I'm beginning to wonder if the little piece of your tongue that was clipped at birth hinders your eating ability.
2. In the past two days, I've just stopped waking you up in the morning and at your naps. I'm always super nervous about stopping this as I am a firm believer in developing a happy wake-up disposition in your babies. I know that it happens between 4 and 6 months, and so far you are just a delight when you wake up. You just hang out in your crib until I come to get you.
3. If you see the bottle, you have to have it in your fact, it is still a very bad idea to not have a bottle ready prior to getting you out of bed. By the way, you are chunking up a lot and when you act like that it makes people think that I never feed please stop acting like we are hurting you...we aren't and you know it.
4. You still sleep and nap like a champ (which I'm always hesitant to say). However, you much prefer to sleep in your bed...sleeping in the car seat is on its way out it seems and there is definitely no sleeping in our arms (as you so clearly expressed at church this morning when you were beyond tired).
5. Your brother still brings the biggest smile to your face.
6. Every person that sees you for the first time comments on your eyes. People either say, "Oh, my gosh...look at those big eyes," or "I can't believe how alert he is." We find the latter of the two the funniest as you clearly aren't unusually alert. It is the size of your eyes that makes you seem that way.
7. You stopped trying to crawl (victory, mom), but you are sitting-up, sort of.
And at this moment, you are a little bit sick, which makes me sad. However, I'm super thankful that you don't mind having your temperature checked in the rear as I'm having to do that frequently.

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