Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I Could Never See Myself Doing

There is a little mental list that I started in college of "things that I can't see myself doing." I'd like to think that, well especially in college, I could do anything I set my mind to. But there is a handful of items that induced a chuckle when I tried to imagine myself doing them. #1 on that list, was being a mom. It isn't that I thought being a mom was unattainable; it was more that I couldn't see myself doing it...everyday. And frankly, I never liked to baby-sit.
Another thing on that list is gardening. Again, it isn't that I despised the activity. I just thought it wouldn't be my thing. My mom certainly never gardened. However, just a month ago, I've finally planted a garden. Go ahead and laugh...I can't see myself doing it either. And despite the drought, it is still alive. I would not consider myself a fact, I probably never will consider myself a gardener. One thing I do know is that we have all sorts of stuff growing in our yard and we are having a blast.

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SRS said...

oh my gosh he is so stinkin cute. im gonna ride my make believe motorcycle up there...