Friday, June 17, 2011

To Three or Not to Three...

This post could be long, so I don't recommend reading it. Since we got pregnant with Fisher we decided that two kids would complete our family. And after we had him, it really did feel complete. My big question for myself these days "does it feel complete for now or are we for sure, done?" Since I can't answer that question 100%, we aren't going to do anything drastic, but five days out of the week, I wish we would go ahead and do it.
Now that I've had my second, everyone tells us the transition from 1 to 2 is much harder than 2 to 3. And I can see that. When you have one child, you still have some free time, but when you add the second in there, your free time is reduced significantly. And resting just after you have the baby is just not as possible when you have another child running around. So, getting used to our "new normal" was a change, but we were most definitely in our grove by 6-8 weeks. The whole transition to life with three wouldn't be that hard. I think life as a whole would be harder (for us). Adam and I are functioning really well in man to man defense. Zone defense would be a totally different story. To me, that is scary. Especially since Adam doesn't handle stress well, and I don't handle frusturation well. I do think those are two totally different things by the way. Which leads to the question, and for me, the most important question, "Can Adam and I parent three kids well?" I'm not so sure. And then there is this "having a baby" thing too. I'm already missing the sweet newborn phase. I'm missing that a lot more now than I did with Harrison...and that probably is because I know that we won't have anymore kids. But that is a terrible reason to have another child. I'll probably look back at this post when Fisher is 18 months and think that there is absolutely no way I can have another child (18 months to 2 1/2 years of Harrison was the toughest for me). I do want to note that I'm just saying all of this as it relates to our family. I know that people parent 3 or more kids really well and it works great for them...I just don't know for us. Here is the good news...I don't have a gun to my head to make me decide this right now.
As a side note, who the heck does Fisher look like? I've looked back at Harrison's baby pictures and they don't look the same at all...and it is so darn hard to look past those big ole eyes to see if there are other features that are similar. And he doesn't look like our baby pictures either.


Garrett and Allison Reed said...

that was not a long post....i guess you only said that it "could" be long.....1)Fisher looks like you in eyes, and adam from the nose down (it's true) 2)live on the edge and go ahead a get pregnant again now

dilemma solved........


SRS said...

I think he looks like Adam 91% and you with a solid 9%. Please don't punch me, but you make really really really cute I am going to be vulnerable here and pt my vote in for a third.....Allison Reed, same goes to you!

Sherry said...

Harrison looks like Adam - as in "clone." Fisher looks more like you.

Are you glad your dad and I didn't stop at two?

I vote for three.
And four.
And five.

Joan Brantley said...

My vote is for three! The more the merrier, but that easy for Nana to say!!!