Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brotherly Love



If you haven't been able to tell from what I've said so far, having two kids in the house is totally different than just one. All of the craziness that comes with it is totally worth it when you see how much your kids love each other. Harrison loves Fisher better than I ever imagined he would. Sometimes he loves a little hard, but he has the best intentions. It's amazing how your once only child, now oldest child, really steps up to the plate. They grow up overnight. And then sweet Fisher thinks that Harrison hung the moon. Nothing gets a bigger smile and laugh out of Fisher than Harrison antics. It truly is so sweet to see.
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Clay and Julie said...

Maybe it's the postpartum hormones, but I tear up everytime I read your blog now. THANKS!

Cannot wait to catch up with you friend- lots of love to all your boys!!