Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Christmas Morning

Christmas gets more and more fun each year. The boys each get three presents (we say Jesus got three gifts from the wisemen, so that should be enough for them too) from Santa (for now). And then we give them a mutual gift from us. It really is a great system for us as it keeps Santa on a good budget. But it is so fun to carry on and start our own traditions. Thankfully, we've impressed the "no getting out of bed before 7 am" rule at our house, so no one awoke in earlier than normal. I know that this may be the last year that actually works. Harrison's favorite gifts this year were the plasma car and knights he got in his stocking. Fisher's favorite was the empty paper towel roll Santa put in his stocking (Harrison said that was silly of Santa to leave his trash in Fisher's stocking).

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