Monday, January 30, 2012

Fisher, January Recap

Well, this has been a big month for Fisher. He turned one. He started walking...though I must say he still prefers to crawl when trying to get somewhere he hasn't officially "taken off" as moms like to call it. It is funny that every now and then we'll look up and Fisher will just be walking around the corner. Or we will hear Harrison declare from the other room, "Mom...look...Fisher just walked across the room." So that is pretty big in toddler world.
Other than that...he becomes more and more attached to his blanket and call me a bad mom, but it is so darn cute that I can't seem to discourage it. In fact, I may encourage it. It is sort of like the finger sucking. I think it is cute. Homeboy is going to need some major orthodontics, but good lord...the sound that he makes on the monitor when he is sleeping is so sweet. Back to the the rare case that it isn't in his crib (we leave it in there so he doesn't walk around with it), he carries it in his mouth like a mother cat carriers it's young ( I guess this is his attempt to not let us take it from him). All in all...he's a cute kid...just a big time firecracker.


Garrett and Allison Reed said...

i want to eat his cheeks....please.

Sherry said...

Oh, he is growing SO fast. I'm going through Harrison-and-Fisher-withdrawals.