Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grandma Shealy's Christmas

We got to spend the day after Christmas at my Grandma's Shealy's house. We love going to spend time with her as it is always a riot. She makes us laugh when she has no clue that she does. And thankfully, my mom and sister were there, so we got to spend good time with them and my extended family. I must say that we spent a good majority of the day getting serenaded by Harrison's rendition of Joy To the World. After one particular performance he looked at Puff and said "Puff...we totally rocked that." Which was then followed by a high-five. Puff was a performer in his show with a baton. Unfortunately, all my pictures and videos are on my phone. I need to send them over, but while I'm playing catch-up...I just need to post.

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