Friday, May 30, 2008

Charleston...Friends & Beach

Marge & Sleepy Harrison
Julie thinks she isn't a baby person...I beg to differ
Lizzie & the Boopa

Hinson is the best. She kept Harrison looking really cool!

Well, there is just so much to say about Harrison's first trip to Charleston. He got to meet all of my friends from college and go to the beach all in the same day. He obviously loved my friends and the beach. Instead of telling you all about it, here are some photos...


Leah said...

I am super jealous that Harrison got to meet all of those super cool people that I love and miss! How fun! I can't wait to meet him..

Caroline said...

Sad I didn't meet Harrison! And, I was at the beach too!

Julie said...

Mandy...I know I'm late on the blog chain...but these posts are hilarious! I miss yall so much that maybe Clay and I will have to make another trip out to Colorado sometime. LOVE YOU!

PS- i think i AM becoming a baby person.