Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day

Adam had a fabulous day in store for my first mother's day. I woke up to Adam and Harrison coming to cuddle me in bed...which is my favorite part of the day. Then Adam made me a very yummy breakfast. He also gave me a couple of sweet picture frames and one had a poem in it with Harrison's footprints. Apparently, Adam and Harrison had been working on the footprints all morning. This afternoon, we all went for a hike in Boulder. It was pretty much an amazing day. I thought I would have Adam take a picture of Harrison and me on my first mother's day, but part of my mother's day gift to myself was a lazy day without a shower and it included a hike. Frankly, I didn't want a photograph to remind of what I looked like on this day. So, I thought I would include pictures of everyone else in my family. Thanks to everyone who called me to wish me a Happy 1st Mother's Day. It was very kind of everyone...I can definitely get used to having another day to celebrate!

On another note, Harrison is officially sleeping through the night. We started to try last Saturday night. We dropped the middle-of-the-night feeding. There were a couple of nights that followed with a good bit of crying from about 4 am to 7 am. But he can now make it from 11pm - 7am and we are SO thankful for that. But let me clarify, he isn't sleeping that whole time. The past couple of nights I have been waking up at 5 am to see him (we have a video monitor) just in his bed, looking at his mobile. He will talk to himself a little bit through the night, which is very cute. The point is, our little man is growing up and I cannot believe it!!

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