Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What I Have Learned In Almost 7 Weeks

I know that many of you out there got a kick out of the idea of me being a mom. I have to admit, when I pictured me as a mother, I chuckled to myself as well. However, it is amazing how once you become one (you know, once you birth a child, you are one whether you like it or not), it all seems to just happen naturally. That doesn't mean that I don't have a lot of questions. My pediatrician's office says that I help provide them job security because of the number of times that I call them. I also ask any of my friends that have kids about a million parenting questions the moment I see them. Maybe that is why I don't see them very often? Could they be tired of playing 20 Questions, or in my case 60 questions? Either way, a lot of it comes pretty naturally. I will say that it is a good thing that Harrison will not remember this time in his life as I have made some mistakes too.

So, I am starting to learn that babies are a lot like puppies. Before you get in a tizzy, I mean in certain ways they are similar. You have to learn to read their cues. One of the biggest things you have to learn when you have a puppy is when they have to go potty. Thankfully, I don't really need to figure that out with Harrison (not yet, at least). It sure would have been nice to have diapers for Marley when she was a pup. She did a number to our carpet at our old house!

This, in no particular order, is what I have learned so far about Harrison:

  1. Everyone who has boys knows about the fire hose. I have learned that no matter how long you give him before he changes his diaper, he is going to let loose as soon as you pull it off. Someone recommended to me to pull the front of the diaper down, let the cool air get to it, and quickly recover it as that will cause him to "go." Yes it does work, but my son is like a male puppy in the fact that he can keep on going. He always has a little bit stored up. What I have learned: keep a washcloth over it at all times and don't get too close unless you want a shot to the face!

  2. Harrison loves to be read to. It doesn't really matter what you read either...parenting books, the Bible, People Magazine, and of course, baby books. Just make sure to have proper voice inflection as you read. What I have learned: whether it is exciting or not, read aloud like you are on Sesame Street and you will get a coo or two out of him!

  3. When Harrison raises his hand, it doesn't mean he has a question. What I have learned: it does mean that he is trying to get rid of some gas or something more substantial. Other cues for this: loud grunts accompanied by a very red face.

  4. Harrison, while unsure at the beginning, likes it when I try new things with him. The first time I tried tummy time with him, he gave me a scowl and a little cry. Then, I would try again, and he seems more okay with it. What I have learned: the cry and scowl are more ones of skepticism when trying something new with him. Don't give up on the first try, he may indeed like it. See above photo for examples...he wasn't excited about the Bumbo on the first go around, and then I got this picture. Clearly he likes my experiments.

  5. Harrison loves his changing tables. He has one in his room and then one on his pack n' play. What I have learned: if you want to get a smile or coo from him, leave him in on the changing table for a little bit and he will do it. P.S. I do realize that the time is short where you can just leave a baby on the changing table.

  6. Harrison loves his daddy. When Adam walks into a room and starts talking, Harrison immediately starts looking for him. It could be because he talks so loud, but he definitely loves to see him. He also has daddy time first thing in the morning before Adam gets ready for work and Harrison is not short of smiles at that time. What I have learned: two things...1. get up early if I don't want to have to work for my smiles the rest of the day and 2. talk with a loud, deep voice, if I want to get Harrison to look at me.

  7. Pacifiers are not permanent. We were a little apprehensive about the paci at first, but we figured we could take it away later. We figure that is better than his hands or thumbs (for the record, I sucked my thumb for way too long...so long, that I had to hide the fact that I did it). Adam had a good point that we couldn't take away his thumbs (legally), so it is better to let him suck on his paci. But Harrison also knows how to signal for it...he hits himself in the mouth with his hand. What I have learned: besides the way he signals for it, I have also learned that he doesn't need it to fall asleep (thank goodness). If you give it to him when he falls asleep, he does need it. But if you don't, he is golden.

I am sure that I have learned more, but that is all that my mom brain can remember right now. And I have learned other things, like, it is time to get rid of a onesie if half his chest is showing when you snap it...that was hard to learn. I was definitely in denial about him already out growing clothing.

Oh, and above and beyond, Adam and I have learned that it is possible to fall in love with something, besides a dog, that can't tell you that they love you back. As with dogs, we know that he loves us by his actions.


Leah said...

they make these things called peepee teepees that go over their things while you change their diaper. look them up onlline and if you can't find them i will send you some....make it a little bit easier to change diapers! The lessons you will learn are just beginning! Wait till they can show you that they love you...that is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

julie said...

manders...how do you get harrison to pose in the cutest little poses? AND the video of Adam and Harrison was the cutest thing ever. I think my favorite part was "Oh yeah! Do a little dance!"

miss you and can't wait to kiss those fat cheeks! (of Harrison's)