Friday, May 2, 2008

Tummy Time May Take a While

So I thought I would give tummy-time a try with Harrison this morning. I tried it before and he just face-planted on the surfboard. I noticed that his neck was getting significantly stronger, so I thought maybe he would enjoy it more. I also noticed that he was developing quite the flat spot on the back of his head, so I figured I needed to do what I can to give that spot a breather! He did like it much better today; but he liked it for like 2 minutes. I would say that is a drastic improvement. He'll be surfing away on his tummy time mat in no time. It is a bit bizarre that he has on a full-fleece outfit, yet he is tummy down on a surfboard. That is the Colorado weather for you. It is May and we had snow yesterday!!

Oh, and for everyone who has asked me how the dogs are adjusting. Everyone has seen Marley and heard about her love for Harrison. Chewy has been a little stand-offish. She hasn't been aggressive, but almost like she could care less if he is here. Well, this morning during tummy-time, Chewy took a much greater interest. She approached him and just watched him like to make sure he was okay (see photo). I thought it was super-sweet. Especially for the jealous, dramatic dog that we know she is, this was a step in the right direction. I like she really loves him, she just doesn't want us to know it yet. Chewy was really reserved when Marley came along (she acted as if Marley didn't exist). Now they are the best of friends. Although, Chewy tried (almost successfully) to get Marley to run away while Julie & Clay were out here. All that to say, the entire Brantley family, including the pets, are adjusting well to Harrison's presence.

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Sherry Martschink said...

It looks like my little Sugarlump is reaching for the toys. That's a great sign. He's SO smart!