Friday, December 19, 2008

9 Months Old!

It's official...he's been out as long as he was in! I can't believe it! When he was in (the womb), that was the longest nine months of my life. Now that he is out, it has been the quickest nine months of my life. I keep on asking where this year has gone and then I look at Harrison and remember.

This has been a really exciting month in the life of Harrison. Here are some updates:
  1. We are officially pacifier free! I realized on Thanksgiving that we were giving Harrison a pacifier out of our convenience and not for his need (we originally gave him the paci for some non-nutritive sucking that he needed as a baby). We woke up on Black Friday and decided to quit cold-turkey. And it worked. He hasn't missed it since. We actually tried to give it back to him when we were on a plane recently and he wouldn't have it!

  2. We are bottle free! I have read and heard that a lot of parents have a hard time weening their babies from bottles, so when Harrison decided this month that he likes drinking out of his sippy cup, I just started giving all him all of his formula in sippy cups. Now we don't have to worry about weening him off of a bottle! Hooray!
  3. Harrison is army crawling. I have just decided that he is going to do everything late, which is okay with me. His army crawling is so darn cute. He can get anywhere and get there fast. He loves cords, electronics, and tall pieces of furniture (i.e. bar stools). You know, he makes a bee line for all of the items in our house that could harm him. I am starting to think that you have to have nothing but pillows in your house to baby-proof it. As of recently, he can be found trying to chase the dogs down, trying to put their dog tags in his mouth. As you can imagine, this presents a problem since the dog tags are attached to collars around their necks.

  4. Harrison is pulling to a stand position. This would be cute, except that he has already received a couple battle wounds trying to get out of the stand position.

  5. Harrison moved to a big boy car seat (see post on 12/7).

I was hoping to add that Harrison got his first tooth to this list, but no such luck. When I was at the doctor yesterday, I asked if he was sure that Harrison wasn't going to need baby dentures. He thought I was crazy. He did inform me that I will probably experience the joy of him getting them all at one time. Fabulous!

Attached are pictures from a Christmas party that we had with our friends last night. Harrison got to open his first Christmas present. He was much more interested in the paper, which meant that Adam and I were constantly fishing down his throat for pieces of paper. He also got to hang out with all of his friends (other babies). Notice that he is the only boy among many girls!


Sherry said...

I love the way he is dressed. Wish he were here. Y'all could come, too.

Leah said...

pillows are dangerous for babies also......hahaha- no such luck when it comes to baby proofing!