Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boating & Boys

One of the great things about Charleston is that it is almost always boating weather. We went out on the boat a couple of times over Christmas and it was a little surreal (considering we live in Denver). Harrison really loved the boat. I was holding on to him as tight as I could, but he was pretty persistent about wanting to touch the water. I didn't let him go, but he definitely was trying to reach it.

On another note, I just love to see Adam interact with Harrison. Adam gets so excited about introducing him to new things, and I never imagined that he would love on Harrison the way that he does. Harrison definitely knows his da-da. He says "da-da" about 98% of the time he is babbling. The other 2% is reserved for "mama" when he is whining and tired. Gee, thanks Harrison! Sorry there are so many pictures of my boys, but I can't just pick one that I like. Oh, and the jacket that Harrison is wearing was Adam's when he was little. I just love that! Thanks Nana for saving it!

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