Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Like Flipping A Switch

Add Image Harrison has been a handful the past couple of days. His schedule is all thrown off, he is fussy/irritable all day long, he has a snot face, and I can't get him to stay happy. It really isn't that bad. But for him, it is just so out of character. It could be because we have been traveling with him a bit recently, but I just have to think that he is cutting a tooth. I have never seen him like this before and he just seems like he is in pain. Anyway, today around 5:45, I called Adam to inquire when he was coming home and ask if he could come home a little early, because Harrison was getting a little difficult for me. Adam agreed (what a great husband) and was home before in an hour. The minute Adam walked in the door, Harrison flipped a switch and was the happiest baby in the world. He played with Adam like nothing was ever the wrong. I am sure that Adam thought that I was crying wolf. I can't quite figure out why he was so happy to see Adam, but I couldn't do anything to make him happy for longer than 10 minutes today. One day I think he realize that he needs his momma. Until then, I am praying that these teeth come in soon! For now, I thought I would include a short video of how much fun they were having.

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