Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 Months Old!

Golly Gracious! I cannot believe Harrison is in the double-digit month count. Unbelievable! It is going by SO fast; it is going so fast, that I can't even remember to post on the actual day that he turns 10 months old. Fear not, I didn't forget to take pictures yesterday. He had play date with his friend, Stella, from across the street. If you haven't been following from the beginning, Stella is my friend's daughter who is two weeks younger than Harrison (our due date was two days apart). During the play date I realized that Harrison desperately needs to be surrounded by more kids because he was afraid of everything at first. It took a while for him to warm up to her talking/babbling and the sharing of toys. The night before he played with a two year-old, which was extremely overwhelming for him. After yesterday, we vowed to have more regular play dates.
I also realized yesterday that I have to start thinking about Harrison's first birthday (& party)! I realize that this function may be more for the adults, but I am always looking for reasons to celebrate...especially my little one. Not sure exactly what we are going to do yet, so if anyone has any suggestions, I am open. We thought we might head back to SC for the big celebration, but because of our (mainly mine) crazy travel schedule for the months of February and March, there is just no way to get home. I am happy to celebrate in Colorado, but I am certainly going to miss family and friends in SC.


Sherry said...

He has grown SO much. And such a cutie!

Ashley DeMooney said...

You know that if you come back here - I will definitely be up for a PARTY for that sweet child!! What can I say...I just want to kiss that sweet face!

Garrett and Allison Reed said...

Ok...I cannot get over how much he looks more and more like Adam everyday....what a lucky kid!!! Also, let little Harrison know that we can party while we are out there, even though it is just a few days before his birthday...I can't believe he is going to be one!!!!