Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New...

Tooth! Actually, two teeth! I thought this day would never come. The night after Christmas, my mom had just finished putting Harrison down for bed and she said to me, "I wouldn't be surprised if Harrison has a tooth tomorrow." I kind of dismissed that because I have been thinking that for the past four months. Sure enough, the next morning, I rubbed his gums, and there was a dagger just beneath the gum. I couldn't believe my mom was right. I guess that has to happen every now and then. I was really excited to see his tooth, so I thought the next day would bring a little white tooth. Not true...the tooth under the gum, just got sharper. I guess I just thought that it would spring up in the middle of the night and be a full-fledged tooth the next day (sort of like a zit). No dice. Anyway, just over a week has passed and I can actually see two little white teeth. They are still barely out of the gum, but I am so excited to see them. It certainly helps to explain a lot of irritability in my sweet boy.
On another note, we discovered while we were in Charleston that Harrison loves corn on the cob. We made Frogmore Stew for some of our friends in Colorado a couple of days ago and we have a lot of leftover corn. Adam and I would never eat all of it, but Harrison will, certainly do a number to it. It takes him about 30 minutes to lick it clean. It is rather impressive, and messy. Notice the corn in Harrison's neck in the pictures.


Sherry said...

Yea, teeth!!! Certainly teeth will make eating corn on the cob much easier, huh? Oh, what a cutie. I miss him.
Oh, yes, I miss y'all also.

Joan Brantley said...

Missing him is an understatement!!