Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Domestic Harrison

Harrison loves laundry baskets. He must know that laundry is in his near future and is already growing a deep-rooted love for the domestic duty. I do think he has a couple of things backwards. In his room today, he pulled all of the shirts out of his drawer and thought it was hilarious. He also pulls dirty clothes out of the laundry basket in our closet. For those of you who might be alarmed at the thought of Harrison in our closet, please don't fret...our closet is a walk-in closet. I'm not putting him in a deep, dark dungeon for him to survive in (like the closets when I was growing up). I digress. But I think he needs to figure out still that clean clothes stay in the drawers and dirty clothes stay in the baskets. He is still grasping concepts like "mommy," "daddy," and "dog," so I will wait on the aforementioned for a little while. Until then, enjoy these pictures of Harrison playing in a laundry basket from today.


Sherry said...

I hope there is no one who reads your blog who thinks you might have been put into a dungeon-like closet when you were growing up. You might have gone inside on your own to play or to hide but no one forced you into one -- even if you might have deserved it on occasion. :)

The Brantley Family said...

In response to my mom's comment: I meant that closets were smaller than they are now. I used to make forts at the top of closets that were super-tiny.

Garrett and Allison Reed said...

In response to both of your comments.....Mandy your closet is bigger than my bedroom....seriously...that kid is lucky to get to play in there.