Saturday, January 24, 2009

Look At Them Now

Adam, Harrison and I were hanging out on the couch last night. I know, I know...sounds like an awesome Friday night! It actually was fun. We are all three sort of sick. I say sort of, cause I'm not sure what kind of sick we are. But I guess knowing what kind of sick we are doesn't matter; we are just sick. Nothing too bad though. The bad part is that Adam and I can take medicine for it, but Harrison can't. Poor kid. Anyway, we were having a low-key night last night, watching Baby Einstein (so fun). I look over at Adam and Harrison and I was struck by how similar they look. I know this is old news, but Harrison is essentially Adam with cheeks. I'm still holding onto the idea that Harrison has to have something of me in him, other than his big cheeks. Adam pointed out last night that he has my personality in the way that he crawls. How you ask? That doesn't make thought exactly. Well, Adam explained, just like this "You know, Harrison is going to do it his own way. He doesn't care if everyone else does it one way. I mean, look at him, he moves really fast on one leg. To me, that looks lazy, but he probably thinks it takes less energy and it is a smarter way of doing things. Not to mention, it gets the job done, maybe faster than other infants." My response to him was, "Did you just tell me that Harrison got his laziness from me and wait a second, do you think I am lazy?" You can see where this conversation was going. Anyway, to get back to my original point; I can't believe how much these boys look alike.


Leah said...

I thought that my two boys looked alot alike...I think that yours look identical! I have some pics of when Neil was two and three and Jack thinks that it is him. I will have to scan them and post them so that you can see...its scary! I am sure that Harrison will get his brains from you...Jack has mine!!!!!

Sherry said...

Were y'all sick on your anniversary? Did you get to celebrate?