Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Fun Faces of Harrison

Now, that he is walking, this sweet face is even cuter to mine.
He is so proud of his walking-skills. I'm thankful he wasn't an early walker.
Still so proud of walking

I haven't been able to get him to wear sunglasses until today.

Now, he won't take them off.
They are his walking goggles.
I'm sure he would take them to bed with him if he could. did this one get in there.
This is what happens when you wiggle away from mom
mid-diaper change.
Harrison is getting into everything these days. This is presenting a problem since I am trying to pack up our house. I don't know why I wanted him to walk so badly. We aren't even a week into it and he is walking around like he is the big man on campus.


Mark and Lindsay said...

I must say I don't envy you trying to pack up with a baby into everything :) We keep encouraging Elliot to crawl and the whole time I am thinking "why am I doing this"

So glad y'all got the store!

Sherry said...

Harrison wore sunglasses when he was here last week. In fact, he wore two pairs. He kept putting them off and on, off and on. When he put them on, they ended up at various places and in various positions. Sometimes on his head, sometimes covering his eyes, sometimes sideways over one eye, etc. He was hilarious!