Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weird Stages

Over the past 6 months or so, I find myself asking questions like, "is this just a stage?" referring to Harrison's latest antics. Usually, it is just a phase. Cutting teeth, learning to sit after standing, or whatever it may be, at the time, seems quite monumental (which often leads to another question, "will we ever get through this?"). Right now, Harrison is in a stage where it takes him a while to warm up to people and along with that, he doesn't like things out of the norm. Obviously, this makes me a little concerned considering our upcoming move, but I'm sure that will be fine. More alarming is that when we are hanging out with friends who have kids (a little bit older than him), it takes him so long to want to leave our arms. Albeit, all of the kids are girls. Maybe he just has an aversion to little girls right now. That's okay with me. Little girls are louder (than him) and run circles around him. I can't blame him for that. And it isn't that he has a hard time socializing, but he just has a longer adjustment period to new people than I anticipated. I guess it is partly (or maybe, wholly) separation anxiety, but I am just not sure. While I love that he feels safe with me, I am just crossing my fingers that he will grow out of this before too long.
Thanks to Adam's cousin, Jim, for this picture. I hadn't really realized it until recently, but I have a million pictures of Adam and Harrison, and not many of me with him. From what I understand, that is fairly typical of moms.


Hannah Alexander said...

gorgeous hair, Mandy! Reminds me of mandy circs junior year of college

Amy said...

Little girls are louder?? You must have a really quiet boy...of course I'm saying this just after finishing teaching an all girls 4 year old class this year. You are lucky to have such a good boy!