Thursday, May 28, 2009

Checking Off Our List

As our days are numbered in Colorado, Adam and I are trying to do things that we either love to do or never got a chance to do since we have been here. One thing that we absolutely love is going to Rockies games. We are certainly going to miss how fun (and cheap) going to baseball games can be. We decided to go yesterday with Harrison. I think this is Harrison's 4th or 5th game, but it was the first one this season. And yes, it is much harder to enjoy the game with him now (which is a theme for the stage he is in right now). However, we did enjoy it for the time that we were there. Harrison got new sunglasses and he was so excited to wear them. As soon as we put them on him, he would just start babbling and waving to everyone he saw. Its like they were confidence building glasses. He even sweet talked a guy that works for the Rockies into giving us pretty good seats without having to pay the price for them. Whatever works!


Joan Brantley said...

Did you all get the same kind of glasses - aviators??

The Brantley Family said...

Adam and I did both get aviators. It was our treat to ourselves as we drive across country. We kept on saying we were getting driving glasses. Harrison got a pair of new sunglasses, but not aviators.

Sherry said...

When Harrison was here last time, he kept trying to put on sunglasses. There were three pairs together. He tried them all. Sometimes they ended up behind his ears; sometimes on top of his head, sometimes around his neck -- and sometimes just on the floor. He loved 'em!
Happy Birthday to Harrison's mommy!