Monday, July 6, 2009

First Few Days at the Beach

loving the hammock

His first day on the beach...a little unsure about the sand

Well, we have had an adventurous couple of days in our new home. We really do love it. I will say that it is rather weird that we are living in a house with someone else's stuff. It sort of looks like a random collection of furnishing from over the years (not extending to the 21st century). It has character and we are already calling it our home. We try to get down to the beach once a day, even if it is for a short while. We really are a two minute walk to the beach, so it would be a shame not to go. Our 2nd day here, on a trip to the beach, my finger fell victim to Marley's strength on a leash, and it is now fractured. I'm sort of life a walking a disaster these days. My doctor told me not to use my hand until I follow up with the orthopaedic surgeon...I don't even know how to follow that instruction. Refraining from using my hand not only seems absurd, it is impossible with a toddler at home. Speaking of that toddler, Harrison LOVES the beach. He likes to play in the sand, crash through the waves, and wave at passers-by. However, he does NOT love walking in the sand. We are going to have to figure that one out.


Spooner McRugby, Esq. said...

Congrats on moving back to SC! I know that yall must be great parents because your little guy loves the beach. Of course, it could also mean that your son is a genius.

Lindsey Jones said...

Glad y'all are "back"! That boy looks more and more like Adam every day... Sorry Mandy!!

Joan Brantley said...

Can't wait to see you all, I miss Harrison sooo much! I miss Mom and Dad to. See you tomorrow! Great to have you home, you just don't know.