Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Used to Life...

The high chairs are even pretty here. They are baby blue!!
Scowling at me...the "Tree Martschink Scowl" that I have become so familiar with

Hanging with dad

Having dinner on the river

we officially live in the Grand Strand area...we played putt-putt

It was a better idea than it actually was. I couldn't compete to win as I had to keep an eye on the baby the whole time. We only made it 9 holes.

Cow Appreciation Day 2K9.

Well, we are getting more and more settled everyday. And while we are getting settled, life is still changing rapidly before our eyes. We are in the midst of trying new churches right now, with the hopes of getting plugged in some where. Last Sunday (on our first visit to this church), Harrison screamed his head off the whole time and I even got paged to come pick him up. I thought that would never be my child. I was so embarrassed. On our first visit, he decides to really show us he is dealing with the latest bout of separation anxiety. Other than Adam and myself, Harrison sees my dad most regularly these days. While I know Grandpa Gus is a character, Harrison certainly should be getting more comfortable around him. He is, but it is very small baby steps. very small. I can't even imagine what a babysitter would be like at this time. I'm guessing that our state of transition has thrust him into this latest episode. I know it is just a part of raising a child and I'm okay with that. I'm just thankful that he knows that I am a safe place for him. Selfishly, it makes me feel good.
My latest question: when do kids stop being interested in outlets? I was lying in bed tonight thinking about what it was going to be like to transition him to a big boy bed in the next year. I sat up, not worrying anything about the bed, but panicking about outlets in the room. I know you can childproof outlets, but does that mean everything has to be battery-operated. That doesn't seem practical at all. Anyway, I'm awake right now because of that thought.
Recent Firsts:
  1. Bloody Nose: H man had his first bloody nose today. I turned away, literally for a minute, and Harrison climbed up on a chair, and whacked himself in the nose with a toy phone. Immediately he started screaming, but nothing a handful of blueberries wouldn't fix.
  2. Climber: He can officially climb up on furniture. It's weird to see him do this. I think it is so odd because everyday we are getting closer to a day where he can get every where I can...yikes~
  3. Small Bites: H has finally learned to take small bites when eating. Seems like a small feat, but it is sooo huge. For a long time, he didn't have enough teeth to take legit bites, but now he does. Forever, he was just shoving everything in his mouth until he gagged. Now he knows to bite in moderation, for the most part. This is a HUGE relief to me.

I'm sure there have been other firsts, but that is all I can remember at midnight.

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Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

I'm ready to come take care of Harrison and to play with him. Those pictures are adorable!!!! Actually, HE is adorable.