Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stand Up If You're a "Son"

Harrison, Bryson, & Emerson in all of their glory
Harrison putting his best moves on Emerson:
a kiss followed by a choke-hold

Two of my great friends from college came up to Litchfield for a little visit and brought their kids. It still seems weird that we all have kids. When I was hanging out with them, I was sure that we were sophomores in college again. Well, not really. Three kids jostled me out of that dream-state pretty quickly. Anyway, so I find it pretty entertaining that all of our kids names end in 'son.' Harrison, Bryson, and Emerson are all being forced into a friendship. We figure since we all like each other so much, then they certainly will like each other. Most of our blog followers already know that Emerson has been promised to Harrison. I think Bryson wants to put his name in the hat, but if Harrison (his mother, really) has anything to do with it, he'll beat Bryson off with a stick.

On another note, when I showed Adam the picture of all of the kiddos, he said, "that's cute, but Harrison looks like a pansy. Please don't put it on the blog." I kind of agree with him. It isn't the most manly outfit, but he makes it look good. I actually had it on him for a good reason...Harrison has been breaking out in a heat rash where his shirt collar sits. This is nice as it is really breathable. Anyway, Adam won't let me buy anymore outfits like this, so I thought I would share it now.


Garrett and Allison Reed said...

I know you already know this...but I agree with Adam about the outfit. Plus, Emerson told me she's not really into boys who rock smocks. I told her that was very shallow but.....

Joan Brantley said...

I don't agree, the outfit is precious!! Adam wore more than one of these adorable outfits!!!