Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have You Tried The New Milkshake?

Chick-fil-A has a new milkshake flavor, Peach, and it is YUMMY. I really love it, and what I love even more is that it comes in a smaller size. I realize that it is still packed with calories, but I thought the peach may offset the calories since it is fruit. I realize that it is flawed thinking, but just go with me. Anyway, I let Harrison have a taste the other day, and it was the end of my milkshake as I knew it. I generally don't let him have too many sweets, especially at his current age, because I don't want him to prefer sweets over fruits, meats, and veggies. He is at the age where he is starting to develop particular tastes and my doctor warned me about letting him have too many sweets. Well, now I know why. I needed the jaws of life to pry his little fingers from the milkshake. Funny thing is, I took it away and told him it was "all done" and he believed me. I love it. Anyway, get to your nearest CFA and try this tasty treat. It is only around for a limited time.


Leah said...

wish that I could get to a local CFA around one coming soon??? peach milkshake sounds delish! fruit and icecream- two things I love while I am prego and it makes sense because it is a billion degrees!Love you and will call you about meeting up this next week! I am so super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joan Brantley said...

sweet ice tea, much better for ya!
whoa!! way too much sugar!And Nana can't ley him drink out of her watered down sweet tea!!! I can't even swallow the new peach milkshake!