Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Little Monster

I'm starting to get a little afraid of the monster that we have created in Harrison. Well, let me be clear...he isn't really a monster; he's a super-sweet little boy. The scary part is the little personality that is developing. After breakfast yesterday morning, Harrison found a pair of his sunglasses and began pointing towards the front door saying "Go." We walk outside to play on the porch when he spots another pair of sunglasses. For the next 45 minutes, Harrison is putting on one pair of sunglasses, then driving his truck. When he tired of those sunglasses, he put on his other pair for a different activity (i.e. dragging a cooler around). This process continued over and over again. When we decided to go back inside, Harrison brought his sunglasses inside and stood in front of a mirror and put his sunglasses on to see what he looks like. Are you kidding? How does he know to do that? Wait, I think I may know.

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Joan Brantley said...

Not a monster, very much a boy!! I love you Harrison! Nana