Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fistfuls of Sand

Harrison shoving sand in his mouth
Harrison putting more sand in his mouth

I'm just putting this picture on here because I think it is so beautiful.

This afternoon, Harrison, the pups, and I were out on the beach. Since we moved here, Harrison has seen it necessary and hilarious to shove sand in his mouth. I'm not sure that he is eating it as I don't see it (go in or come out, for that matter). I remember the first time he started eating sand, I desperately wished there was a "non-toxic" label like on the crayons. Soon I realized that the sand wasn't going to hurt him. In fact, I think my father told me, "oh, it's good for him." Sure it is. Tonight, as he was grabbing the sand and squeezing it in his fists, then letting it drip out, it made me think of how fast time is going. I feel like the past 20 months (Harrison is 20 months today), has just slipped through my fingers. I've tried to grab on to as much as I can, but it really is unreal how fast it all goes. Everyone tells you to soak up the moments, and I think we do as much as we can, but I just had no idea time would escape me the way it has with Harrison. So, I sort of feel like the past 20 months have been like fistfuls of sand, I have so many memories that I will find in places that I didn't know that I have. I'm sorry the pictures aren't clearer; I took them with my phone.

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