Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why He Wanted a Boy

Harrison's Favorite Part: the Headlamp

When we found out we were pregnant with Harrison, Adam knew that he wanted to have a boy. I knew that he would have been happy with a boy or girl, but I knew at the bottom of his heart, he wanted a little boy. I really did too. Now that Harrison is getting older and playing with him has become more fun for everyone involved, I can see why Adam wanted a boy. He wanted an "outdoor buddy" that he could teach stuff too. Every week, something comes out of Adam's mouth like, "When Harrison starts to swim well, I am going to teach him how to kayak," or my least favorite, "When Harrison and I go camping, I think I am going to by a pistol." I don't like the last statement for numerous reasons. But that is a whole new topic. Anyway, Adam and Harrison have been setting up the tent recently. Last weekend, I took a couple of pictures, and it is hard to tell who is having more fun. I know that Adam loves having an "excuse" for setting up a tent. We are talking about our first camping adventure right now, and if we are going to take Harrison and the dogs, there is no way our two man tent is going to cut it. Harrison and Marley like to sleep horizontal when everyone else is sleeping vertical!

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Garrett and Allison Reed said...

Harrison is really going to be ruffing it with his upholstered chair in the tent on his first camping trip :) I have I mentioned how excited about our trip to NYC??? MaYBE the boys can go camping while we are gone. Love you guys!!!