Saturday, December 19, 2009

21 Months and Counting

Thursday night at Brookgreen Gardens
I think H's face was frozen. It was super-chilly, but the lights were beautiful.

I can't believe that my sweet little boy is three months shy of two. Harrison has stolen my heart. Motherhood is giving me a better picture of the Lord's love for me. I love Harrison in a way that I thought was impossible. To think that our Lord loves us more than that makes me pretty excited, though I can't understand it.
We have learned a lot over the past 21 months. Here are a couple of things that I can remember:
  1. Parenting is a little of trial and error...the great part is that Harrison doesn't have any other parents so he has no idea!

  2. "Comparison is the thief of joy" I heard this in college and while it applies to every area of life, it definitely applies to your little child. Kids do things in their own time; it is not worth it to compare your bundle of joy to another

  3. High Maintenance and Particular are different...I've already noticed that my son is quite particular. He doesn't have a prayer since both Adam and I are both on the particular side of the bus. I've claimed forever that I am not high maintenance, I just know what I want. So does Harrison...
  4. You never get used to messy diapers...I still gag. In fact, this morning, Adam described his morning diaper change with Harrison as a "sloppy joe present" and I kind of threw up in my mouth.
  5. Boys are boys from the beginning...Harrison has a lot of girl friends and they do so many different things already (namely, wear lots of pink, but that is a different story). Harrison wants to be outside all the matter the weather. There are a lot of other aspects about being a boy, but I'll just let you imagine...
  6. Separation happens to all kids at all different times. If you put a monkey in his/her crib at 4 months so they don't suffer from separation anxiety in the crib, at 21 months, he/she will suffer separation anxiety from a monkey...and it has a really stinky tail!
  7. Hugs, Kisses and "Mama" never get old.

  8. Never say, at any point, "when I'm a mom (or parent), I'll never do that. Or, I can't believe they let their kids do that." It is a sure-fire way to have a kid that will make you do it. You may have strong opinions about it, but you never know until you've walked a mile in their shoes.


Leah said...

Amen on #8 cause I was kinda one of those people..until I had "that" child!!! Motherhood is like no other and I still can't believe that you and I are experiencing it...that makes us SUPER old!!!

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Being a mom: it's like nothing else in this whole wide world!