Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

First ride in the new mini
First time sitting on the new tractor

Harrison helping Amanda unwrap her gift...he was especially good at unwrapping

Harrison playing with his new eco-car
Harrison is inspecting the monkey I brought him from NY
Harrison and Papa opening gifts together. Harrison was insistent on sitting with him. When he sat on my lap, he opened a raincoat. I'm sure he thought, "forget, mom...I don't open fun gifts with her."

The t-ball gift was a good idea...until we decided to set it up inside. Check out my face...

Part of Harrison's tool set included headphones...apparently they were necessary for Christmas breakfast.

The night before...I think he was hoping his shirt would bring him good luck.

Harrison and daddy sitting on the stairs before going to see what Santa brought

We had a wonderful Christmas. We got to see a lot of both of our families (except for Uncle Tree), and Harrison thoroughly enjoyed Jesus' birthday. We weren't sure if Harrison was going to fully grasp the openings presents aspect of Christmas, but he certainly did. After an hour or so, we started to see a glazed over look in his eyes. He was so adorable. I am already excited about doing it again next year. And I received a new camera, so as you can imagine, the pictures are going to be bountiful and beautiful (maybe not the latter, but I'll try).

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Leah said...

love the family reindeer ears! he is super cute and it is so much fun watching them open their presents in pure amazement. and don't ya love some ride-on cars? we have the truck and 4-wheeler...hours of entertainment!