Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Recent Happenings

Uncle Billy on the riding lawnmower with little man

Every one's Favorite: a Harrison Sandwich

This was my favorite of our family shots, only there is a random house in the background.

My cute boys

Since I have been working so much, I feel like I have been a bad "class mom." I thought for Thanksgiving that I'd make all the kiddos in his class a Thanksgiving treat. I made these and then tied a Free Chick-fil-A Kid's Meal to the handle. I was proud of my first attempt of something "mommy-like."

Harrison still loving his bookbag for school. He looks like he is ready for kindergarden.

Harrison thinks it is hilarious to wear my shoes around.

Since Thanksgiving, our life has been a little crazy. Actually, since last November, our life has been a little crazy. But who's counting? The house that I mentioned that we were going to move into in December actually fell through. We found out the day after Thanksgiving... coincidentally, we found out hours after Adam and I got up early to get a new washer & dryer & TV for our new home in the Black Friday hoopla. It was a first time experience for us, Black Friday that is, and we will never forget it. Anyway, so we return to the great house hunt. While in Charleston for Thanksgiving, Uncle Billy tried to snap some pictures of our little family of three. He only took like 200 pictures. Either Harrison wouldn't look at the camera, or I looked like a side-show act at the circus trying to get H to smile.

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