Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Great Anticipation

So cute...out Christmas shopping with Grandma Puff
New Boots & Raincoat

Thrilled to take pictures in new garb

Okay folks, so I have to admit, I'm a bit of a surprise-hater. If I know there is a surprise on the horizon, I can hardly stand to wait. All I can do is think about it until I figure out what it is. I can't say that I hate surprises, but I don't exactly like to be stuck in the middle between knowing that a surpise is coming and the actual event. In the past, this has caused me great stress around Christmastime when people (namely, my husband) give me hints about gifts, but don't actually tell me what is going to happen. Nine times out of ten, I can figure out what my gift is, what the surprise date may be, etc (or I strong-arm the other person into telling me). Anyway, so this year, I'm on the other end of it. I'm on the giving end for Harrison. Well, it turns out, the great anticipation of giving the gifts to Harrison is killing me. If I had my way, we would've unwrapped all of his gifts already. The crazy part is that I know what is in them. The other day, while at Grandma Puff's house, I noticed two presents wrapped up for Harrison. I asked my mom what is in them (which, surprisingly, people won't tell me what they are getting Harrison usually). Well, she didn't tell me, but she did let us open them, without much convincing. I was elated and so was Harrison. He got a matching raincoat, rain boots, and watch from Grandma Puff. And he loves them. He wanted to sleep in his boots and then he wore them to school the next day (thankfully, there was at least a slim chance of rain). But it reminded me of how fun it was to open gifts when I was a child. And then the first day back from Christmas break at school, trying to wear/display as many gifts as possible...glorious. The way everyone (especially me)likes to shower him with gifts, I know that we are going to have to work on the real meaning of Christmas with our little man. I've already thought about telling him that the feeling he is going to get (or that I have/had) of anticipation for Christmas morning is what the world was feeling when they were anticipating the birth of our Savior...only infinitely more. And now, we don't have to deal with those anxious feelings, because we know our Savior...Hallelujah.

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