Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Little Monster

I'm starting to get a little afraid of the monster that we have created in Harrison. Well, let me be clear...he isn't really a monster; he's a super-sweet little boy. The scary part is the little personality that is developing. After breakfast yesterday morning, Harrison found a pair of his sunglasses and began pointing towards the front door saying "Go." We walk outside to play on the porch when he spots another pair of sunglasses. For the next 45 minutes, Harrison is putting on one pair of sunglasses, then driving his truck. When he tired of those sunglasses, he put on his other pair for a different activity (i.e. dragging a cooler around). This process continued over and over again. When we decided to go back inside, Harrison brought his sunglasses inside and stood in front of a mirror and put his sunglasses on to see what he looks like. Are you kidding? How does he know to do that? Wait, I think I may know.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stand Up If You're a "Son"

Harrison, Bryson, & Emerson in all of their glory
Harrison putting his best moves on Emerson:
a kiss followed by a choke-hold

Two of my great friends from college came up to Litchfield for a little visit and brought their kids. It still seems weird that we all have kids. When I was hanging out with them, I was sure that we were sophomores in college again. Well, not really. Three kids jostled me out of that dream-state pretty quickly. Anyway, so I find it pretty entertaining that all of our kids names end in 'son.' Harrison, Bryson, and Emerson are all being forced into a friendship. We figure since we all like each other so much, then they certainly will like each other. Most of our blog followers already know that Emerson has been promised to Harrison. I think Bryson wants to put his name in the hat, but if Harrison (his mother, really) has anything to do with it, he'll beat Bryson off with a stick.

On another note, when I showed Adam the picture of all of the kiddos, he said, "that's cute, but Harrison looks like a pansy. Please don't put it on the blog." I kind of agree with him. It isn't the most manly outfit, but he makes it look good. I actually had it on him for a good reason...Harrison has been breaking out in a heat rash where his shirt collar sits. This is nice as it is really breathable. Anyway, Adam won't let me buy anymore outfits like this, so I thought I would share it now.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What A Catch!

Ever since I have become a mom, I seize every opportunity to snap a cute shot of my son. And being the biased mother that I am, I'm wanting to take pictures pretty much all of the time and of everything. While he is a good sport, I can sense that when I interject into a perfectly normal interaction "Wait, let me grab my camera," Adam wants to roll his eyes in frustration. I can just see him saying, "Seriously, can't you just let this happen without a camera." Quickly I would retort, "No...I need it for the blog or rehearsal dinner or who cares...I just want it." Well, when we were leaving a restaurant on Friday night, Adam saw the opportunity for me to get a picture of Harrison getting eaten by a fish. I thought it was so dumb. Ah...the tables have been turned. Sure. Whatever. He obliges all of the time with me. Why not? Clearly, Harrison's expression dictates how he felt about the staging of this picture. At least in the pictures that I want to take, Harrison looks like he loves it. Now that I look at it, it is kind of cute...just don't tell Adam that I said that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Used to Life...

The high chairs are even pretty here. They are baby blue!!
Scowling at me...the "Tree Martschink Scowl" that I have become so familiar with

Hanging with dad

Having dinner on the river

we officially live in the Grand Strand area...we played putt-putt

It was a better idea than it actually was. I couldn't compete to win as I had to keep an eye on the baby the whole time. We only made it 9 holes.

Cow Appreciation Day 2K9.

Well, we are getting more and more settled everyday. And while we are getting settled, life is still changing rapidly before our eyes. We are in the midst of trying new churches right now, with the hopes of getting plugged in some where. Last Sunday (on our first visit to this church), Harrison screamed his head off the whole time and I even got paged to come pick him up. I thought that would never be my child. I was so embarrassed. On our first visit, he decides to really show us he is dealing with the latest bout of separation anxiety. Other than Adam and myself, Harrison sees my dad most regularly these days. While I know Grandpa Gus is a character, Harrison certainly should be getting more comfortable around him. He is, but it is very small baby steps. very small. I can't even imagine what a babysitter would be like at this time. I'm guessing that our state of transition has thrust him into this latest episode. I know it is just a part of raising a child and I'm okay with that. I'm just thankful that he knows that I am a safe place for him. Selfishly, it makes me feel good.
My latest question: when do kids stop being interested in outlets? I was lying in bed tonight thinking about what it was going to be like to transition him to a big boy bed in the next year. I sat up, not worrying anything about the bed, but panicking about outlets in the room. I know you can childproof outlets, but does that mean everything has to be battery-operated. That doesn't seem practical at all. Anyway, I'm awake right now because of that thought.
Recent Firsts:
  1. Bloody Nose: H man had his first bloody nose today. I turned away, literally for a minute, and Harrison climbed up on a chair, and whacked himself in the nose with a toy phone. Immediately he started screaming, but nothing a handful of blueberries wouldn't fix.
  2. Climber: He can officially climb up on furniture. It's weird to see him do this. I think it is so odd because everyday we are getting closer to a day where he can get every where I can...yikes~
  3. Small Bites: H has finally learned to take small bites when eating. Seems like a small feat, but it is sooo huge. For a long time, he didn't have enough teeth to take legit bites, but now he does. Forever, he was just shoving everything in his mouth until he gagged. Now he knows to bite in moderation, for the most part. This is a HUGE relief to me.

I'm sure there have been other firsts, but that is all I can remember at midnight.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have You Tried The New Milkshake?

Chick-fil-A has a new milkshake flavor, Peach, and it is YUMMY. I really love it, and what I love even more is that it comes in a smaller size. I realize that it is still packed with calories, but I thought the peach may offset the calories since it is fruit. I realize that it is flawed thinking, but just go with me. Anyway, I let Harrison have a taste the other day, and it was the end of my milkshake as I knew it. I generally don't let him have too many sweets, especially at his current age, because I don't want him to prefer sweets over fruits, meats, and veggies. He is at the age where he is starting to develop particular tastes and my doctor warned me about letting him have too many sweets. Well, now I know why. I needed the jaws of life to pry his little fingers from the milkshake. Funny thing is, I took it away and told him it was "all done" and he believed me. I love it. Anyway, get to your nearest CFA and try this tasty treat. It is only around for a limited time.

Monday, July 6, 2009

First Few Days at the Beach

loving the hammock

His first day on the beach...a little unsure about the sand

Well, we have had an adventurous couple of days in our new home. We really do love it. I will say that it is rather weird that we are living in a house with someone else's stuff. It sort of looks like a random collection of furnishing from over the years (not extending to the 21st century). It has character and we are already calling it our home. We try to get down to the beach once a day, even if it is for a short while. We really are a two minute walk to the beach, so it would be a shame not to go. Our 2nd day here, on a trip to the beach, my finger fell victim to Marley's strength on a leash, and it is now fractured. I'm sort of life a walking a disaster these days. My doctor told me not to use my hand until I follow up with the orthopaedic surgeon...I don't even know how to follow that instruction. Refraining from using my hand not only seems absurd, it is impossible with a toddler at home. Speaking of that toddler, Harrison LOVES the beach. He likes to play in the sand, crash through the waves, and wave at passers-by. However, he does NOT love walking in the sand. We are going to have to figure that one out.