Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adjusting to Life

Oops, how did this one get in here. Adam told me I couldn't put it on here, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Just don't repost this one anywhere (mom). Harrison calls these my horns.

Playing guitar with Dad...trying to sing songs to baby Fisher.

So, it seems like the question I get most frequently is, "how are you adjusting to a newborn in the house?" Well, the real question should be, "How are you adjusting with two kids in the house?" It is true what people say. Going from one to two kids is much more difficult than going from zero to one. Let's be real...newborns do very little. So, getting used to having a newborn at the house is like getting used to a new purse. You pick it up every now and then, throw it over your shoulder, and then you put it back down. And you want to be careful not to leave them in the car. Granted, newborns cry and have more gas than purses do, but it is essentially the same thing. But you know before you have your first baby, everyone tells you to nap when your child naps. Well, I think it is a little humorous the first time around as there is stuff to be done when your child naps. However, you can squeeze in a nap or two every now and then when you have one. But when you have an almost-three-year-old, you can kiss that idea goodbye. Allison told me that when you have a second one, you really do have to put everything you want to do aside, as you have to become more selfless than ever. Man, she was right. The good news is that it is easy to put yourself aside when you have two little boys that you love more than words can describe. Even though Harrison is driving me nuts with this new whining thing he is doing, I still love him more every day. I'm also very thankful that he is SO proud of his baby brother. He never hesitates to tell someone about him. Just today, when I picked him up from school, he asked me if Baby Fisher was in the car. After I replied yes, he turned to his art teacher and said, "Hooray! My baby brother is in the car. You want to see?" His sweet heart for his brother makes me so happy. I'll take this season of whining for the sweet kisses that he wants to give his brother any day.
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Leah said...

It is an adjustment but such a sweet time. ANd remember...they grow SO stinking fast that this "adjustment" doesn't last too long. Oh how I love little boys!!!