Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two and a Half Weeks Down

It's in the books. We've made it two and a half weeks. Some moments I feel like it is flying by and others I feel like it is dragging. If you can't tell from my previous posts, it is a little harder than I expected. But that is in relation to having two kids...not as much a newborn. I feel like everyone told me that three kids is hard, but no one really told me that two is hard. I guess it was just understood. Either way, I still really wanted to have a second child, so it doesn't matter if anyone would've told me that it is more than double the work. I would've tried to have another anyway. And I love my new little son more than I thought I could. When he gives me a glimpse of his eyes (which is rare, but something we work very hard at...all of you babywise fans can relate to the struggle of creating wake time at an early age), I'm reminded of the miracle baby that he is and how I prayed so fervently for him to come into existence. I love our little bear so much.
Last night, I experienced one of the sweetest moments yet with my boys. I was putting both of them down for bed and while Fisher was awake in my arms, Harrison wanted to sit in my lap. I wasn't sure it was possible to accomplish this feat, but once we got comfortable, I never wanted either one of them to get out of my lap. I read them two books, and then Harrison got in bed. He asked for me to put Fisher next to him and he proceeded to tell me that he wanted to rub Fisher's back and thank God for Fisher (and for alligators). It made me tear up and laugh. But I loved that moment. And I realized after I finished putting Fisher down for the evening, that even though my life seems like a zoo right now, God has created these special, simple moments for me to enjoy with my boys everyday. So yes, life is chaotic; but it is oh-so-good.
And I apologize for the picture overload, but I thought I would include a few of Fisher as I think he looks different in each one. Other than looking like an old man, I'm still unsure who I think he looks like...

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