Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Important Visitors

"Aunt Maggie" brought us lots of delicious treats. I ate cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner compliments of Margaret.
Grandpa Gus. Fisher will get used to seeing him as he just moved a couple miles from us. He and Linda were gracious enough to have a meal at the house for us when we arrived home from the hospital. It was very thoughtful.

I've made an attempt (not a very good one) to take pictures of people who have to come to visit. Out of everyone that has come, I've gotten two pictures. I apologize to everyone else. We really want everyone to know how thankful we are to all of the yummy meals and goodies that have come our way. I think I will cook my first meal tonight...we'll see how that goes. I've learned that the best present you can give a new mother (especially one that has an almost three year-old running around) is the gift of food. I've so appreciated people dropping food off for us. And as crazy (or bad) as it sounds, I appreciate that people just drop off food, say hello, and let us get back to our lives. It is definitely a good lesson that I've learned. I know that when we have dropped food off for people, I never know what the expectations on the visit are. Now, that I'm on this side, I've learned that brief is best. I'm so thankful for the friends and family who have helped fill our stomachs and our refrigerator.
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