Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yay! He's Here!

Harrison came to visit while I was waiting on Fisher to come. I'm confident that I was grinning through a contraction at this point. I was about to get the epidural when H arrived and didn't want to freak him out, so I waited. And then my back labor reached an all time high!

Our bear

Daddy holding Fisher for the first time. Well he did cut the cord which he described as "gummy." Yuck!

Harrison meeting Fisher for the first time. He was super sweet with him.
Oh my word. Adam "Fisher" Brantley has made his debut and it was absolutely glorious. After this experience, I realized that I had a terrible experience with Harrison. And when I say terrible, I mean that I had to push for two hours without pain medication (my epidural ran out and they wouldn't hang another bag). I know people do it without pain medicine all of the time, but I labored all day with it for Harrison, so it was a big change. In fact, I looked back at my original blog post about it and I said that it was going to take sever amnesia for me to sign up for it again.
But here's the deal. #1. The Lord is good. #2. East Cooper Medical Center may have the best doctors/nurses around. It was an amazing experience that I would absolutely do again (except for being pregnant...I don't want to do that again).
Anyway, Fisher came out really quickly. I think I only had to push like five times and it took 25 minutes. Praise the Lord! He is quite the chunker and everyone around the hospital is calling him "the big baby." The crazy thing is that he didn't feel like a big baby coming out (if you know what I mean) and he doesn't really look that big (except his cheeks are might large). He is so long, that I think his weight is distributed well.
As far as who he looks like...we have no idea. Last night, I thought he looked totally different than Harrison. Today, I think he looks more like him. I guess we'll see in the coming months.
Oh, so he arrived at 6:13 pm weighing 9 lbs, 3 ounces and is 22 inches long.
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Amy said...

YAY! So excited for you all. Isn't that the nicest hospital ever?! Congrats to you, Adam, and Harrison! Welcome to the world Fischer!