Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colorado Part 2








So, after the legit, cowboy rodeo (tight pants and all...with no country accents...still an enigma to me), the next morning (way too early) we went to Steamboat's annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo. It was beautiful. We really wanted to get into the balloons. It was so interesting to see the culture as well as the "how" behind ballooning. If you ever plan a trip to Colorado in the summer, you must time it with this event. It is so neat. Next on our agenda, was the gondola ride to the top of Steamboat mountain. I mean, what's a trip to Colorado without this? I'll tell you one will save a heck of a lot of money to NOT get on the gondola...a tad pricey for a walk around the top of the mountain, but beautiful views nonetheless. Once we got to the top, we went on what I call a hike, but Adam calls a walk. It was in nature...on top of the wilderness...possible bears and mountain lions...hardly any oxygen...I'm going with hike. Harrison and I climbed on rocks (while I tried really hard to not think about getting eaten by a four-legged predator) and had a blast.
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