Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dressed Like a Pansy

Before I get into the subject of this blog, I thought I would update everyone (which I know you are on pins and needles waiting for) on Fisher's 6 month stats. I haven't had a chance to update, so here we go:
Height 28 3/4 inches (greater than the 95th the charts)
Weight 17 lbs, 6 ounces (55th percentile)
I think it is safe to say he is long and lean.
Something else to address before I get into the subject matter. I said I would never dress my son like a pansy. Now I know there are plenty of people who do, who I am actually friends with, and it doesn't make me think any less of anyone. But once I lived in Colorado and saw life outside of smocked outfits...I thought I could never do it. Now, I live in the heart of smocked outfit city. And here is the deal...I think it is cute, but I just thought I would never do it. Until I forgot. I was on a mission for something with bold color for Fisher's 6 month pictures. And if you don't have a boy of your own, you can't understand this statement, but it is absolutely slim pickens out there for little boys' clothing. So, I was on my mission and I was at my friends clothing shop for kids (which has super cute stuff for girls and mostly pansy-ish type stuff for boys). I came across a beautiful turquoise color and I thought it would look beautiful with Fisher's eyes. I came home with it (it was 50% off) and immediately realized that I purchased a smocked turquoise "bubble" with a peter pan collar for my son. There are so many adjectives in that sentence that I swore I would never use as it relates to dressing my son. Not to mention it had star fish on it that allegedly look like flowers. And let me clarify, I am not wholly opposed to smocking (on boys under one year old), but I am wholly opposed to an outfit like I bought. I was was on sale. So, when it came time for the pictures, I took a few outfits, including the one that I purchased since I did spend money on it. Well, Fisher decides to get real cute and smile a ton when he was in that outfit...of course. So, above is the "sneak peek" the photographer sent me. I saw her last night and she hasn't been able to edit any of them yet, but this is just one that she saw. So, hopefully, there will be some cute pictures in other apparel. Either way, he's cute...and let me stress...HE.


Wimberly's Blog! said...

But he looks SO CUTE in it!!!!!

The Bryant Buzz said...

he really looks cute in it! I'm a big fan of smocked clothes and cute jon jons---of course, I've never really left the South, so I think it's just in my blood :)

Julie and Clay said...

As someone who smocks and monograms, and who is married to someone who doesn't exactly 'love' the smocked look, I can understand your position. But seriously- how do you look at that little guy in that outfit and not want to squeeze him?!?

love love love you friend! We need to catch up soon.