Thursday, July 7, 2011


Harrison is in Charleston. He has been for a few days. We embark on a Colorado Adventure with him tomorrow, so leaving him in Charleston was an easy decision. Plus, he had zero desire to leave Nana's fun house and come home with us. Our house is much quieter now. And much more peaceful.
Having this alone time with Fisher has been so great for me. I don't have to worry about Harrison flying planes into his head or getting a little moody when he sees me spending time with Fisher. While at home with Fisher, I've come to realize that he really gets about 25% of the attention that Harrison received at his age. When your second comes around, you just don't have the same amount of time to give to him. I know this is no surprise to anyone. And it isn't to me, either. But being alone with him for two days with my undivided attention, I've realized just how big of a difference it is. I've also realized how much easier it was with just one child. I have no idea what I did with my time. But when you have one, you just can't see that. So, this time with Fisher has been so sweet. But we are ready to get the big brother back: we all really miss Harrison. He brings life to the house that is certainly missed when he isn't here. The night before last when Adam got home he said, "You know, I really miss the excited Harrison greeting me at the door with a big 'HEY DAD, HOW WAS WORK TODAY?'" Nana, thanks for watching Harrison while we get to spend time with has been really wonderful for us.


Leah said...

Precious, precious, precious. He is adorable!

Julie said...

Clay and I just watched that video and we were dying! I miss those boys, and you, Mandy!

lots of love,