Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colorado Part 3 (Final)









Once headed back to Denver from Steamboat Springs, we stopped in Georgetown (Colorado) for a fun trip aboard a train. Harrison kept yelling "all aboard," and once asked if the engineer was the guy from Polar Express. Riding outdoors in a train in the Rockies was definitely a highlight of the trip.
We spent our last day going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science as well as getting out some energy in Boulder. We love Boulder and just walking around in Boulder makes us so happy...but truly, Boulder could not be any more different than Pawleys Island (and we love both). And lastly, we had dinner with some dear friends on our final night. I'm not sure we realized exactly how rich our friendships were that we had while in Colorado. But we'll be least once a year. Hanging out with Harrison was such a blessing on this trip. We look forward to many more vacations with him.
Favorite Harrison quotes of the trip:
*To the pilot before leaving Charleston for Atlanta, "Do you remember how to get us to Colorado?"
*Just before landing in Denver, "Mom...look at all those farms. That's amazing!"
*As we drive into Steamboat, "Mom, Dad...see those mountains...They are beautiful."
*After I told Harrison twice that he needs to wear his tennis shoes in lieu of flip fops for the gondola and hike, "Mom, I can wear my flip-fops. It might be okay. We'll will be okay." (uh...when did my baby get old enough to talk like this?)
*Once I told Harrison that he couldn't ride in a hot-air balloon, "I'm all done, mom. Let's go back to hotel. Wait. Let's just ask if I can get in the hot air balloon. It will be perfect. I'll just tell that man that."
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