Friday, March 6, 2009

Harrison & His Hands

Tonight while we were eating, Harrison, as usual, was cracking us up. It is so funny to watch him eat at this age since he uses his whole hand to put a little piece of cheese in his mouth. Pretty much anything he does with his hands is hilarious.


Sherry said...

I miss him SO much!

Leah said...

Ok so this really has nothing to do with your sweet baby and his hands....but I was looking through my wedding scrapbook today and found the page that you made me! Holy cow....what kind of hairstyles/clothing styles were we ever made me laugh so hard to look at some of the pictures! I could name every place that we took each of those pictures though! We so need to get together and make more memories to take pictures of so that we can laugh again in a couple of years. Love you and miss you Mandi!!!
GLB fo'eva!