Monday, March 2, 2009

Leaving Again...

These cheeks are unbelievable!

Still not sure what to do with his hands (like Ricky Bobby in his first interview)

He is tired of the camera in his face. I can't imagine why!

He likes to practice standing up by getting in this push-up position at odd times.
*Note the return of Eddie the Elephant. He rediscovered the love he had for him. I'm sure the monkey is thrilled to be out of the grip of Harrison's hand (& mouth) for a while.

These eyes...

Well, it is time again for me to leave for work, so I thought I should post before I go. Thankfully, it is only for a couple of days this time. With an unusually warm day in Denver (it was 70 degrees today), we played a lot outside. When the sun started to go down, we returned back inside. Harrison then spent most of the day looking out the window from our couch.

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Joan Brantley said...

I believe I see dimples, did he get his Nana's dimples! Ha, ha, would love to squeezze those sweet cheeks. Loving you all!!!