Thursday, March 19, 2009

Harrison's 1st Birthday

He was really excited about these balloons.
I think they may have been the biggest hit of the day.
Clearly he wasn't pumped about his hat.
Eventually, he warmed up to it.

I bet I can guess what color I am going to see in his diaper tomorrow...
Loving It...

Poppy & Nana

Uncle Billy & Uncle Matt

This was shortly after Harrison tried to give me some cake

Mommy & Daddy Sandwich

Harrison loved this toy from Billy & Amanda.
He immediately started pushing it around the house.

Poppy & Nana gave Harrison this awesome little cart.
Hopefully it will teach him to walk before too long.

As I write this blog, it has been exactly one year since he made his grand debut into this world. It was at 9:02 pm (after two hours of pushing), that he decided to arrive. I really cannot believe that it has been one year. This year has been so fun and Harrison has been such a blessing to our lives. I always tell people that you can't express the kind of love that you will have for your kids until you have them.
We had a fun day celebrating his birthday today with Adam's family. Adam's parents (Nana & Poppy), Matt, and Billy are here for a week of skiing and celebrating...obviously, we are super sad that Aunt Amanda can't be here with us. Thankfully, there will be many more birthdays to celebrate (that he will actually remember.
Nana baked Harrison his own pound cake for our fun celebration tonight. Harrison wasn't in the best mood since he had his 12 month vaccinations today, but as soon as he got a taste of the cake and presents, everything changed. Here are some of the pictures from tonight. I apologize for the amount, but they were just too cute. Plus, it is his First Birthday.


Mark and Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Harrison! I look at the pictures and I just want to squeeze him (in a good way). I am glad it was a wonderful day- I am sentimental for you.

Singz4fun2 said...

Happy Birthday Harrison! Love the pics. Yeah, I can tell he was NOT fond of the hat.

Sherry said...

Believe or not, I love the one with the hat!!! Harrison got some birthday wishes on my blog from readers.
Happy Birthday, Harrison.

Amanda said...

Auntie A was super, super sad she missed Harrison's 1st B-day and seeing everyone!! I agree with Grandma Sherry. I love the picture with the hat! I miss everyone and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ashley DeMooney said...

We wish we could be there to celebrate! We were definitely thinking about him and CHEWY all day! We love you guys! Happy Birthday Harrison and Chewy!

Lindsey Jones said...

How is he ONE already?!?!?!

Love the pictures. :)

dusty and tammy said...

aawww...happy birthday harrison!