Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Martins Come To Visit

Jamie & Andrea with Harrison
Doesn't it look like Harrison is trying to tell a story?

Some of Adam's best friends, Jamie and Andrea Martin, came to visit this week. They were here for Harrison's birthday party and were such a big help. Their accents gave away quickly that they were friends from SC. We also got to go to Breckenridge (pictures to follow soon) and had a blast in the blizzard that we were hit with (starting with the scariest ride through the mountains in white-out conditions). Actually, instead of just leaving the car ride as a little side note, it was a pretty big deal. I was driving with Andrea in the passenger's side and all three boys were in the back. We were literally going 15 miles an hour on an interstate because we couldn't see in front of us. My knuckles were white from grabbing the steering wheel so tight and I was on the verge of going to the bathroom on myself because I was so nervous (I know mom...TMI, but it is true). Really, we were all a little nervous. Except Harrison. He was happy as he could be. Isn't that great? We were all thinking how nice it would be to live in that state of oblivion. Okay, so my story doesn't do it justice. But it was rather frightening.

Anyway, Jamie & Andrea are expecting a little one of their own in August and they are going to be fantastic parents. Jamie, like Adam, already has that cheesy "dad" humor. They just left and we are going to miss them SO much. This ends our three straight weeks of guests. We loved every minute of it (I know they didn't because almost all of them were plagued with the stomach bug that we had). Now, off to clean for our Open House tomorrow! Everyone can say a little prayer that the Lord would bring a buyer to our house soon.


Leah said...

your selling your house?? where are you going??

Amy said...

Yes do tell...more about the possible move? I'm so glad you got to have friends come visit, I know you enjoyed that, and Harrison did too.