Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fashion Sense

This morning, Adam sent him upstairs to get dressed and this is what he came back with: Clemson jersey, plaid shorts, and rain boots. I had to beg him to wear pants and then he picked wind pants. I'm feeling confident that he won't be getting a "best dressed" superlative in school like his dad did. Adam says that he must get his fashion sense from me. I was offended and then realized that maybe he was saying that Harrison isn't going to care what people think about him and won't dress for others...I'm sure that was the underlying message.
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Amy said...

Hey pick your battles right? It's always apparent on non-uniform Fridays when a child shows up much like this, they chose the outfit. No worries! Just pack some tennis shoes in his bag if he is going to school these days :-)
He is still precious no matter what he has on!!

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Oh, do you want to know if he gets his fashion persona from you? Just go back to one of my early posts on my blog to read about the way you used to dress yourself. You THOUGHT you were a fashionista when you were dressed like a clown or a hobo. There are pictures to support this claim!!

Joan Brantley said...

A little direction never hurts, Adam has a great sense of fashion and he had lots of help and suggestions!

James said...

By the way I have no clue how Adam got best dressed..really!?!?! I guess everyone must of liked the sweater her wore under his tee shirts in the summer! ;)