Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting Close to Three and Fun

Mothering Harrison is an absolute joy. I wish I could bottle-up his tender heart and take whiffs of it when I need it down the road. And even though it may sound like I'm bragging (I am), I am so thankful that his teachers tell me how great he is frequently. They tell me that he listens well, is a great helper, and they wish all of the kids were as sweet as him. I mean, seriously, that makes a mom so proud. Don't get me wrong...he has his moments. He has had more of them recently since his brother moved in to our home. But on the whole, he is a GREAT kid. We pray that he would be a blessing to others and I believe that he is so far. I know that our work has just begun though.
As we approach three, he really has turned into this little man, saying and doing things that only adults would. Yesterday, when I took these pictures of him jumping on the trampoline, I told him that it was time for monkey to have a bath to which he replied, "Come on, Mom. Monkey is not THAT dirty!" I can't believe that my little boy just said that. And when I ask him if he can help me with Fisher's diapers, he says, " mom. Those are too stinky for me." I remember about a year ago when he went for his two year check-up, I was a little concerned that he wasn't putting two words together very well, and this is what we get now. He remembers things that I don't even remember. He can give someone directions to our house from Highway 17. He knows most of the members of our immediate family's birthdays. Actually, he remembers Chewy's really well since they share a birthday. He even knows how to bargain with me (which is frustrating and hilarious at the same time because I know that I used to do that to my parents). I try to be so thankful for all of the words that Harrison expresses to me even when I am totally exhausted by them.
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