Thursday, February 3, 2011

Found It

So, I really thought I was losing my mind about the stats sheet that I received from the doctor. Fear not, I found it this morning. It was in the washing machine. Why didn't I think to look there? Harrison is really into being a "big helper" and he likes to put things in the washing machine. He must have seen it sitting on top of the dryer and thought it needed to go in the washer. So, there it was this morning when I went to do laundry.
PS...these are my boys this morning. Harrison continues to beg me to let Fisher sit in his lap. I love this picture because Harrison is holding Fisher's hand, which he did for about five minutes. I'm so thankful that he still loves being a big brother.
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Garrett and Allison Reed said...

I think H must really be in to holding babies because he kept telling me yesterday that he wanted to hold Evan. Maybe we can make that happen before we leave town.

Amy said...

What a great picture!

Hannah Alexander said...

Ha! So cute... Fisher is like, " mom, seriously?"