Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fisher's 4 Months

So, the latest (and last) addition to our household has been out of the womb for four months now. Well, four months and some change. I was waiting to update until we had his 4 month check-up which we did today. Fisher is constantly changing and life is certainly going by a lot faster with him than it did with Harrison. Fisher has been rolling over for a month now, and as of the past two weeks, he won't stop rolling over. This is just so different from Harrison as he sat up before he rolled over. Harrison was a little late on some of his physical milestones...not for any reason except that he is just the most content kid. Fisher, from what we can tell, is a man on the move. In fact, he is trying to crawl. Call me a bad mom, but I'm doing my best to discourage it. I put him in things so he can't practice. I know...he will soon, but for now, I need him to be where I leave him so I can run out the room for a moment. For now, I'm just loving hearing him laugh like crazy and smile all of the time...and I'd rather him remain stationary while he does that. I also love cuddling this kid...after he eats, because of his reflux, we try to keep him elevated for about 20 minutes, so I take that opportunity to snuggle him. Unfortunately, he just wants to see what Harrison is doing and doesn't care about nuzzling his momma. We are just so thankful for the joy that he brings our family. Here are his stats from his check-up:

15 lbs 4 ounces (70th percentile)

26 1/4 inches (90th percentile)

The crazy thing about his weight is that when he was at the doctor just over a week ago, he weighed about one pound less. Apparently while he was sick, he lost a good bit of weight. The doctor thinks that he might would be a pound heavier if he hadn't been sick.

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